Data Fields
DVBSubContext Struct Reference

Data Fields

int composition_id
int ancillary_id
int version
int time_out
int compute_edt
 if 1 end display time calculated using pts if 0 (Default) calculated using time out More...
int compute_clut
int clut_count2 [257][256]
int substream
int64_t prev_start

Detailed Description

Definition at line 123 of file dvbsubdec.c.

Field Documentation

◆ class

AVClass* DVBSubContext::class

Definition at line 124 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ composition_id

int DVBSubContext::composition_id

Definition at line 125 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ ancillary_id

int DVBSubContext::ancillary_id

Definition at line 126 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ version

int DVBSubContext::version

Definition at line 128 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ time_out

int DVBSubContext::time_out

Definition at line 129 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ compute_edt

int DVBSubContext::compute_edt

if 1 end display time calculated using pts if 0 (Default) calculated using time out

Definition at line 130 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ compute_clut

int DVBSubContext::compute_clut

Definition at line 132 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ clut_count2

int DVBSubContext::clut_count2[257][256]

Definition at line 133 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ substream

int DVBSubContext::substream

Definition at line 134 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ prev_start

int64_t DVBSubContext::prev_start

Definition at line 135 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ region_list

DVBSubRegion* DVBSubContext::region_list

Definition at line 136 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ clut_list

DVBSubCLUT* DVBSubContext::clut_list

Definition at line 137 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ object_list

DVBSubObject* DVBSubContext::object_list

Definition at line 138 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ display_list

DVBSubRegionDisplay* DVBSubContext::display_list

Definition at line 140 of file dvbsubdec.c.

◆ display_definition

DVBSubDisplayDefinition* DVBSubContext::display_definition

Definition at line 141 of file dvbsubdec.c.

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