Data Fields
InputFilterPriv Struct Reference

Data Fields

InputFilter ifilter
uint8_t * linklabel
enum AVMediaType type
enum AVMediaType type_src
int eof
int format
int width
int height
AVRational sample_aspect_ratio
int sample_rate
AVChannelLayout ch_layout
AVRational time_base
int displaymatrix_present
int32_t displaymatrix [9]
struct {
   int   format
   int   width
   int   height
   AVRational   sample_aspect_ratio
   int   sample_rate
   AVChannelLayout   ch_layout
struct {
   AVFrame *   frame
   int64_t   last_pts
   int64_t   end_pts
 marks if sub2video_update should force an initialization More...
   unsigned int   initialize

Detailed Description

Definition at line 74 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Field Documentation

◆ ifilter

InputFilter InputFilterPriv::ifilter

Definition at line 75 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by ifilter_alloc().

◆ filter

AVFilterContext* InputFilterPriv::filter

◆ ist

InputStream* InputFilterPriv::ist

◆ frame

AVFrame* InputFilterPriv::frame

◆ linklabel

uint8_t* InputFilterPriv::linklabel

Definition at line 86 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by fg_create(), fg_free(), and init_input_filter().

◆ type

enum AVMediaType InputFilterPriv::type

Definition at line 89 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by fg_create(), ifilter_send_frame(), and init_input_filter().

◆ type_src

enum AVMediaType InputFilterPriv::type_src

◆ eof

int InputFilterPriv::eof

Definition at line 94 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by configure_filtergraph(), fg_transcode_step(), and ifilter_send_eof().

◆ format

int InputFilterPriv::format

◆ width

int InputFilterPriv::width

◆ height

int InputFilterPriv::height

◆ sample_aspect_ratio

AVRational InputFilterPriv::sample_aspect_ratio

◆ sample_rate

int InputFilterPriv::sample_rate

◆ ch_layout

AVChannelLayout InputFilterPriv::ch_layout

◆ time_base

AVRational InputFilterPriv::time_base

◆ frame_queue

AVFifo* InputFilterPriv::frame_queue

◆ hw_frames_ctx

AVBufferRef* InputFilterPriv::hw_frames_ctx

◆ displaymatrix_present

int InputFilterPriv::displaymatrix_present

◆ displaymatrix

int32_t InputFilterPriv::displaymatrix[9]

◆ fallback

struct { ... } InputFilterPriv::fallback

◆ last_pts

int64_t InputFilterPriv::last_pts

Definition at line 129 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by sub2video_prepare(), and sub2video_push_ref().

◆ end_pts

int64_t InputFilterPriv::end_pts

marks if sub2video_update should force an initialization

Definition at line 130 of file ffmpeg_filter.c.

Referenced by ifilter_sub2video(), ifilter_sub2video_heartbeat(), sub2video_prepare(), and sub2video_update().

◆ initialize

unsigned int InputFilterPriv::initialize

◆ sub2video

struct { ... } InputFilterPriv::sub2video

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