Data Fields
OutputFilterOptions Struct Reference

#include <ffmpeg.h>

Data Fields

char * name
const AVCodecenc
enum AVPixelFormatpix_fmts
int64_t trim_start_us
int64_t trim_duration_us
int64_t ts_offset
AVRational output_tb
const char * nb_threads
unsigned flags
int format
int width
int height
enum VideoSyncMethod vsync_method
int sample_rate
AVChannelLayout ch_layout

Detailed Description

Definition at line 273 of file ffmpeg.h.

Field Documentation

◆ name

char* OutputFilterOptions::name

Definition at line 275 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ enc

const AVCodec* OutputFilterOptions::enc

Definition at line 278 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ pix_fmts

enum AVPixelFormat* OutputFilterOptions::pix_fmts

Definition at line 280 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ trim_start_us

int64_t OutputFilterOptions::trim_start_us

Definition at line 282 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ trim_duration_us

int64_t OutputFilterOptions::trim_duration_us

Definition at line 283 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ ts_offset

int64_t OutputFilterOptions::ts_offset

Definition at line 284 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ output_tb

AVRational OutputFilterOptions::output_tb

Definition at line 289 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ sws_opts

AVDictionary* OutputFilterOptions::sws_opts

Definition at line 291 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ swr_opts

AVDictionary* OutputFilterOptions::swr_opts

Definition at line 292 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ nb_threads

const char* OutputFilterOptions::nb_threads

Definition at line 294 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ flags

unsigned OutputFilterOptions::flags

Definition at line 297 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ format

int OutputFilterOptions::format

Definition at line 299 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ width

int OutputFilterOptions::width

Definition at line 300 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ height

int OutputFilterOptions::height

Definition at line 301 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ vsync_method

enum VideoSyncMethod OutputFilterOptions::vsync_method

Definition at line 303 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ sample_rate

int OutputFilterOptions::sample_rate

Definition at line 305 of file ffmpeg.h.

◆ ch_layout

AVChannelLayout OutputFilterOptions::ch_layout

Definition at line 306 of file ffmpeg.h.

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