Data Fields
resample_init_func Struct Reference

#include <resample.h>

Data Fields

const AVClassav_class
uint8_t * filter_bank
int filter_length
int filter_alloc
int ideal_dst_incr
int dst_incr
int dst_incr_div
int dst_incr_mod
int index
int frac
int src_incr
int compensation_distance
int phase_count
int linear
enum SwrFilterType filter_type
double kaiser_beta
double factor
enum AVSampleFormat format
int felem_size
int filter_shift
int phase_count_compensation
struct {
   void(*   resample_one )(void *dst, const void *src,
      int n, int64_t index, int64_t
   int(*   resample_common )(struct ResampleContext *c,
      void *dst, const void *src,
      int n, int update_ctx)
   int(*   resample_linear )(struct ResampleContext *c,
      void *dst, const void *src,
      int n, int update_ctx)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 30 of file resample.h.

Field Documentation

◆ av_class

const AVClass* resample_init_func::av_class

Definition at line 31 of file resample.h.

◆ filter_bank

uint8_t* resample_init_func::filter_bank

Definition at line 32 of file resample.h.

◆ filter_length

int resample_init_func::filter_length

Definition at line 33 of file resample.h.

Referenced by invert_initial_buffer(), and resample_common_TMPL().

◆ filter_alloc

int resample_init_func::filter_alloc

Definition at line 34 of file resample.h.

◆ ideal_dst_incr

int resample_init_func::ideal_dst_incr

Definition at line 35 of file resample.h.

◆ dst_incr

int resample_init_func::dst_incr

Definition at line 36 of file resample.h.

◆ dst_incr_div

int resample_init_func::dst_incr_div

Definition at line 37 of file resample.h.

◆ dst_incr_mod

int resample_init_func::dst_incr_mod

Definition at line 38 of file resample.h.

◆ index

int resample_init_func::index

Definition at line 39 of file resample.h.

◆ frac

int resample_init_func::frac

Definition at line 40 of file resample.h.

Referenced by resample_common_TMPL(), and resample_linear_TMPL().

◆ src_incr

int resample_init_func::src_incr

Definition at line 41 of file resample.h.

◆ compensation_distance

int resample_init_func::compensation_distance

Definition at line 42 of file resample.h.

◆ phase_count

int resample_init_func::phase_count

Definition at line 43 of file resample.h.

◆ linear

int resample_init_func::linear

Definition at line 44 of file resample.h.

◆ filter_type

enum SwrFilterType resample_init_func::filter_type

Definition at line 45 of file resample.h.

◆ kaiser_beta

double resample_init_func::kaiser_beta

Definition at line 46 of file resample.h.

◆ factor

double resample_init_func::factor

Definition at line 47 of file resample.h.

◆ format

enum AVSampleFormat resample_init_func::format

Definition at line 48 of file resample.h.

◆ felem_size

int resample_init_func::felem_size

Definition at line 49 of file resample.h.

◆ filter_shift

int resample_init_func::filter_shift

Definition at line 50 of file resample.h.

◆ phase_count_compensation

int resample_init_func::phase_count_compensation

Definition at line 51 of file resample.h.

◆ resample_one

void(* resample_init_func::resample_one) (void *dst, const void *src, int n, int64_t index, int64_t incr)

Definition at line 54 of file resample.h.

◆ resample_common

int(* resample_init_func::resample_common) (struct ResampleContext *c, void *dst, const void *src, int n, int update_ctx)

Definition at line 56 of file resample.h.

◆ resample_linear

int(* resample_init_func::resample_linear) (struct ResampleContext *c, void *dst, const void *src, int n, int update_ctx)

Definition at line 58 of file resample.h.

◆ dsp

struct { ... } resample_init_func::dsp

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