Data Fields
TestCase Struct Reference

Data Fields

int(* test_func )(AVFormatContext *, AVDictionary **, AVPacket *, const FailingMuxerPacketData *pkt_data)
const char * test_name
const char * options
uint8_t print_summary_on_deinit
int write_header_ret
int write_trailer_ret
FailingMuxerPacketData pkt_data

Detailed Description

Definition at line 306 of file fifo_muxer.c.

Field Documentation

◆ test_func

int(* TestCase::test_func) (AVFormatContext *, AVDictionary **, AVPacket *, const FailingMuxerPacketData *pkt_data)

Definition at line 307 of file fifo_muxer.c.

Referenced by main().

◆ test_name

const char* TestCase::test_name

Definition at line 309 of file fifo_muxer.c.

◆ options

const char* TestCase::options

Definition at line 310 of file fifo_muxer.c.

◆ print_summary_on_deinit

uint8_t TestCase::print_summary_on_deinit

Definition at line 312 of file fifo_muxer.c.

◆ write_header_ret

int TestCase::write_header_ret

Definition at line 313 of file fifo_muxer.c.

◆ write_trailer_ret

int TestCase::write_trailer_ret

Definition at line 314 of file fifo_muxer.c.

◆ pkt_data

FailingMuxerPacketData TestCase::pkt_data

Definition at line 316 of file fifo_muxer.c.

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