Data Fields
cook Struct Reference

Data Fields

void(* scalar_dequant )(struct cook *q, int index, int quant_index, int *subband_coef_index, int *subband_coef_sign, float *mlt_p)
void(* decouple )(struct cook *q, COOKSubpacket *p, int subband, float f1, float f2, float *decode_buffer, float *mlt_buffer1, float *mlt_buffer2)
void(* imlt_window )(struct cook *q, float *buffer1, cook_gains *gains_ptr, float *previous_buffer)
void(* interpolate )(struct cook *q, float *buffer, int gain_index, int gain_index_next)
void(* saturate_output )(struct cook *q, float *out)
AudioDSPContext adsp
GetBitContext gb
int num_vectors
int samples_per_channel
AVLFG random_state
int discarded_packets
av_tx_fn mdct_fn
VLC envelope_quant_index [13]
VLC sqvh [7]
int gain_size_factor
float gain_table [31]
uint8_t * decoded_bytes_buffer
float mono_mdct_output [2048]
float decode_buffer_1 [1024]
float decode_buffer_2 [1024]
float decode_buffer_0 [1060]
const floatcplscales [5]
int num_subpackets
COOKSubpacket subpacket [MAX_SUBPACKETS]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 109 of file cook.c.

Field Documentation

◆ scalar_dequant

void(* cook::scalar_dequant) (struct cook *q, int index, int quant_index, int *subband_coef_index, int *subband_coef_sign, float *mlt_p)

Definition at line 114 of file cook.c.

◆ decouple

void(* cook::decouple) (struct cook *q, COOKSubpacket *p, int subband, float f1, float f2, float *decode_buffer, float *mlt_buffer1, float *mlt_buffer2)

Definition at line 118 of file cook.c.

◆ imlt_window

void(* cook::imlt_window) (struct cook *q, float *buffer1, cook_gains *gains_ptr, float *previous_buffer)

Definition at line 125 of file cook.c.

◆ interpolate

void(* cook::interpolate) (struct cook *q, float *buffer, int gain_index, int gain_index_next)

Definition at line 128 of file cook.c.

◆ saturate_output

void(* cook::saturate_output) (struct cook *q, float *out)

Definition at line 131 of file cook.c.

◆ avctx

AVCodecContext* cook::avctx

Definition at line 133 of file cook.c.

Referenced by cook_decode_close(), cook_decode_frame(), and cook_decode_init().

◆ adsp

AudioDSPContext cook::adsp

Definition at line 134 of file cook.c.

◆ gb

GetBitContext cook::gb

Definition at line 135 of file cook.c.

Referenced by cook_decode_init(), and decode_gain_info().

◆ num_vectors

int cook::num_vectors

Definition at line 137 of file cook.c.

◆ samples_per_channel

int cook::samples_per_channel

Definition at line 138 of file cook.c.

◆ random_state

AVLFG cook::random_state

Definition at line 140 of file cook.c.

◆ discarded_packets

int cook::discarded_packets

Definition at line 141 of file cook.c.

◆ mdct_ctx

AVTXContext* cook::mdct_ctx

Definition at line 144 of file cook.c.

◆ mdct_fn

av_tx_fn cook::mdct_fn

Definition at line 145 of file cook.c.

◆ mlt_window

float* cook::mlt_window

Definition at line 146 of file cook.c.

◆ envelope_quant_index

VLC cook::envelope_quant_index[13]

Definition at line 149 of file cook.c.

◆ sqvh

VLC cook::sqvh[7]

Definition at line 150 of file cook.c.

◆ gain_size_factor

int cook::gain_size_factor

Definition at line 153 of file cook.c.

◆ gain_table

float cook::gain_table[31]

Definition at line 154 of file cook.c.

◆ decoded_bytes_buffer

uint8_t* cook::decoded_bytes_buffer

Definition at line 158 of file cook.c.

◆ mono_mdct_output

float cook::mono_mdct_output[2048]

Definition at line 159 of file cook.c.

◆ decode_buffer_1

float cook::decode_buffer_1[1024]

Definition at line 160 of file cook.c.

◆ decode_buffer_2

float cook::decode_buffer_2[1024]

Definition at line 161 of file cook.c.

◆ decode_buffer_0

float cook::decode_buffer_0[1060]

Definition at line 162 of file cook.c.

◆ cplscales

const float* cook::cplscales[5]

Definition at line 164 of file cook.c.

◆ num_subpackets

int cook::num_subpackets

Definition at line 165 of file cook.c.

◆ subpacket

COOKSubpacket cook::subpacket[MAX_SUBPACKETS]

Definition at line 166 of file cook.c.

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