[Ffmpeg-devel] problems with the ffmpeg theora decoder

bond b-o-n-d
Tue Jun 28 20:28:24 CEST 2005

i have now extensively test the libavcodec theora decoder (in mplayer) and
noticed the following problems
1) theora-a4_v6-k250-s0_2.ogg
small artefacts around frames 1000-1200 in the background near the window on
the right side, where parts of the glas seem to be displayed over the frame
of the window

2) exp_test2.ogg, susie-exp.ogg
files being created with derf's theora encoder, which uses also theora
features not being part of vp3 and are not playing at all with libavcodec

3) the ogg demuxer of ffmpeg doesnt search till the keyframes only when
searching and therefore shows missing keyframes artefacts

4) non-vp3_huffman-tables.ogg
the file should contain vorbis audio, but somehow the ogg demuxer doesnt
find it? mplayers ogg demuxer finds it

i have uploaded all the samples to incoming/theora

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