[Ffmpeg-devel] watermark vhook and -vcodec copy

Chris chris
Wed Jun 29 17:02:29 CEST 2005

> OK, so what you want is reencoding for a while, up to the first
> keyframe after a given timestamp, then framecopy for the rest of the
> file? This is possible but not currently supported. You can do it
> manually with some fancy cuts, but it'll be a pain.
> Rich

That is exactly what is required (either watermark at beginning or end).

In the absence of it been supported, my process is (for watermark at last 10
sec of a 60 sec file):

ffmpeg -i in.mpg -vcodec copy out1.mpg -t 50


ffmpeg  -i in.mpg -vhook "watermark.so -f wm.gif" out2.mpg  -ss 50


truncate out1.mpg at last full gop


concat out1.mpg out2.mpg

It is a bit clunky but does the job.



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