[Ffmpeg-devel] CamStudio support

Reimar Döffinger Reimar.Doeffinger
Sun Jan 8 23:11:25 CET 2006

On Sun, Jan 08, 2006 at 10:52:00PM +0100, matthieu castet wrote:
> >>This may be a more general problem, but is there a way to avoid this
> >>getting printed for every frame if lzo is not available?
> >
> >    Yes: Declare flags in the codec context data structure, one for each 
> >message, init them to false, and it the corresponding codec is not 
> >compiled in and the flag is false, print the message and set the flag to 
> >true. The message only gets printed once per codec.
> >
> Or just report the error in codec initialisation and return an error.
> Or even better do the check at compilation time (disable codec or return 
> an error). After all the codec is unusable without the lib...

It can use both liblzo and zlib, and which one is used can be selected
independantly for each frame, so no, the codec is not unusable without
it (well, without both that's a different thing).
This was also the reason why I didn't add a flag to make sure it is
printed only once - if only some frames were encoded in the not
supported format it would make it easier to correlate some things.
Also when it is only printed once, in the case of MPlayer it will
probably end up in the middle of all other messages where nobody will
find it :-).
But if you still want, I can change it.

Reimar D?ffinger

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