[Ffmpeg-devel] v4l2 arbitrary field order support

Richard richiek
Tue May 30 07:52:06 CEST 2006

To all you v4l2 developers out there...
I have a relatively recent version of the ffmpeg source which I'm
using within Fedora Core 5. I have two issues:

1. The configure script and the v4l2.c file both use videodev.h which
my development box doesn't seem to like. Once I replace this with
videodev2.h everything seems to clear up (configure sees v4l2 support
and v4l2.c compiles correctly). Can this change be patched into the
main source head without disrupting every other v4l2 user?

2. I'm trying to use v4l2 without interlacing and I've noticed that
at line 161 (or there about) the field format is hardcoded to
V4L2_FIELD_INTERLACED. I can't quite see a nice way to add arbitrary
field order support without adding an extra field to the
AVFormatParamaters structure. Is there another way I can be doing

Many thanks,

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