[FFmpeg-devel] libavformat and video4linux2 acquire problems

Levente Novák lnovak
Wed May 9 09:56:29 CEST 2007

On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 09:40 +0200, Luca Abeni wrote:
> Hi Limin,
> Limin Wang wrote:
> > In my local copy, I have changed default tvstd to NULL.
> What does a NULL tvstd mean? Does it leave the tv standard as it is, 
> without trying to set it? If yes, I think we need this patch.
> > and -vc to string(S-video, composite0,...)
> I do not think this one is useful. I have seen cards in which the first 
> composite input is "composite0", and other cards in which the first 
> composite input is "composite1"... So, I think that using the input name 
> is not too reliable.

It is better to let -vc accept a number (int). But it is definitely
handy to be able to choose the input with Ffmpeg.


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