[FFmpeg-devel] RTSP from Tv-card with ffmpeg (looking for developer)

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Wed May 23 19:51:25 CEST 2007

> 2) ensuring that ffserver can stream RTP from a live
> feed. It should 
> work, but I never tried...
It appears to. For an ffserver setup already in place,
this command:
mplayer rtsp://<ffserver-machine>:8090/test1.flv

Establishes a connection, and at least tries to
receive data.

ffserver shows this:
[Wed May 23 13:35:39 2007] "OPTIONS  " 200 0
Wed May 23 13:35:44 2007] "GET /test1.flv HTTP/1.0"
200 3157941

In its log for that connection.

test1.flv is a Flash Video stream that is set up in

> 3) feeding a Darwin Streaming Server with the
> resulting stream. I do not 
> know how to do this. If I remember well, live555 can
> probably feed a 
> DSS, so the thing is at least documented...

ffmpeg may or may not be able to feed DSS directly, in
the same way it feeds ffserver. It might be made to do
so with a little work.

Can DSS get an RTSP stream from some other RTSP
server, then relay it? In other words a setup like
this, for example:

Of World.

So that DSS is not getting a feed from ffmpeg
directly, but does get a feed from ffserver.

Have you tried other methods?

I have used ffmpeg/ffserver to stream live video with
sound, over a LAN, and the internet. I use Flash,
since so far, it works best overall.


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