[FFmpeg-devel] RTSP from Tv-card with ffmpeg (looking for developer) (Jacob Str-mlund)

Piero Bugoni crboca32
Wed May 23 22:57:07 CEST 2007

> First of all it is important that the streaming is
> RTSP and not RTP since
> RTP is one way communication and RTSP i two way.


> Yes Darwin is able to relay streams at least it is
> when we are speaking
> audio and i'm pretty sure the same is possible with
> video.


> We are working professional with mobile video
> streaming and we've tried
> several other solutions the only one able to do a
> part of this with no
> lipsync problem is ffmpeg 

I have streamed video direct from a TV capture card
with  ffmpeg/ffserver, using FLV format. I have done
it with sound, but NO SYNC.

(This may be the problem: I use a TV capture card to
get the video, and a separate sound card to get the
audio. The TV capture card also has an audio input,
but I have not used it as yet. If both sources are
captured from the same card, that may help. -- Maybe).


> therefore we are
> interested in putting money to
> this project if a ffmpeg developer is available.
Money is good. Lots of developers here. Especially
those who developed ffmpeg in the first place. If you
give them money, they will almost certainly accept it.

Can you set up a prototype system right away? If so,
do so, and describe it. If DSS can relay from another
rtsp server, this is a quick solution:

1) Set up a Linux box with TV card, and a video source
to the card.

2) Set up ffserver on that machine. (I can help you
set up ffserver.conf files).

3) Use ffmpeg on the same machine to send a stream to
ffserver. (Try MPEG, or FLV to start with).

4) After your Linux box is set up, (and working),
connect to it from your DSS machine and see what

Error messages and command-line output can then be
used  to fix problems.


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