[FFmpeg-devel] check Libraries before compiling!?

Nico Sabbi Nicola.Sabbi
Tue Nov 20 10:42:04 CET 2007

Il Tuesday 20 November 2007 10:31:21 Ramon Hackbarth ha scritto:
> Hello Developers,
> yesterday I compiled ffmpeg with AAC decoders, everything worked
> fine I thought, but AAC decoders didn't work even they were
> compiled and - I thought - also working. It was the newest FAAD
> Library which depends on a newer libc6 version, which wasn't
> installed. I installed a newer libc6 version (and libfaad 2.6), but
> afterwards I had some problems and reinstalled the old version of
> libc6, but I left libfaad 2.6 (which doesn't work without newest
> libc6).
> Is it maybe possible to include a function which checks also if the
> library is working and not just if it's existing?

I'm not sure it's a good idea: a non-working library is just garbage
lying around; IMO it's user's  responsability removing it if it 
doesn't work

> PS: Sorry for last mail, it wasn't my aim to hijack another thread
> - thought "new topic - new thread"... @Nico Sabbi: thanks for your
> nice answer, i love you also... ;)

with deepest love for all thread-hijackers,

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