[FFmpeg-devel] PS3 Cell BE Optimizations

Timothy Baldridge tbaldridge
Fri Oct 19 21:25:56 CEST 2007

> 1. First a general playback problem, AFAIK the video driver is still
> unaccelerated so drawing that much video at that rate is not possible.
> This is something that will come with a driver for the Nvidia card in
> the PS3 and it would offload CPU spent doing it in software

I beg to differ here. 1080p @ 30fps only requires 190MB/sec of
transfer. According to the specs on the PS3 the bandwidth to the video
adaptor is 24GB/sec. So the only things holding you back here are 1)
processor speed (i.e. DMA's not being used, etc.) 2) poorly written
code (writing only one pixel at a time). When it comes down to it,
having a full blown accelerated driver wouldn't help you much at all
in playing HD video. Since all you will be doing is loading a frame
into a texture, displaying it, then dumping it. There's no slow
PCI/AGP/PCI-e bus to worry about here, so the issue must have to do
with poorly written code.

Someone want to correct me on this?


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