[FFmpeg-devel] FFSERVER/FFMPEG Broken? --- Broken!

Måns Rullgård mans
Mon Oct 22 10:24:44 CEST 2007

Piero Bugoni <ffmpeg.devel at yahoo.com> writes:

>> >
>> > I don't care. It's not my software. Non-working code reflects
>> > upon the developers. Not me. There are revs that sort-of work,
>> > and they can be used.
>> I'll tell you what reflects on you: your extremely rude attitude.
> Perhaps, but I did not break a working code base. 
> However, This from M?ns Rullg?rd on Sun Feb 25 23:44:06 CET 2007:

Wow, you had to go all the back to January to find something from me
you consider rude.

> ----
>  > This is not meant as a hijack.
> "Yes it is.  You posted your message as a reply to a mail about ffmpeg
> documentation.  Now you will have to burn in hell, or receive the
> equivalent amount of flames here.  Your choice."
> ----
> Talk about a rude attitude.

That is completely different.  Whomever I was replying to there had
hijacked a thread (and probably top-posted too), and denied having
done anything wrong.

> I shrugged this one off because I felt it was more important to
> contribute to a project than get in a pissing match with a dickhead
> like this. At this point this is not the case. (See Below).
>> I'm having a very strong urge to ban this idiot from ever posting to
>> ffmpeg-devel again.
> 1) No point. I'm gladly unsubscribing.

You will not be missed.

> 2) M?ns Rullg?rd insults others be cause he can hide behind his
> console. If Rullg?rd has a particular beef with me, we can settle
> the matter with a fistfight. Simple as that. Other than that M?ns
> Rullg?rd can go fuck himself.

I only insult other people if I think they deserve it, and if I am not
entirely mistaken, you are the one who's been insulting people on this
thread, not me.  You 24 have hours to post a public apology for your
insults on me and others, or I *will* have you banned from the list.

M?ns Rullg?rd
mans at mansr.com

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