[FFmpeg-devel] Passing options to muxer/codec

G gennadiy.brich
Mon Dec 8 23:04:19 CET 2008

Hi all.

I am currently writing PSX STR muxer support for ffmpeg, and I have some
Is there any convient way to pass parameters from ffmpeg command line
directly to muxer while not editing main executable code?
I've analysed ffmpeg/libavcodec/opt.h - routines from there aren't used
in any codec implementations, so I guess I am searching in a wrong
(I am thinking of mencoder's "-lavcopts vcodec=mpeg4:vpass=1" as an

I need options for whether to incorporate RIFF header to output file,
also more important thing, is output format options. There is actually
two base common "formats" for PSX video dumps. One common is dump of
sequential PSX video/audio sectors, another is plain STR format without
streamed audio (For example STR's in game Final Fantasy VII are in that
plain format). Also for outputting CD sectors dump there is need of
specifying start time of first CD sector for future possibility of video
importing to main game image.

I am also considering writing PSX MDEC encoder after muxer, there is a
need of specifying of MDEC version used, and according to that version
AC coefficients are encoded differently.

Please point me into right direction.

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