Mike Melanson mike
Sun Dec 14 05:04:37 CET 2008

Chad Clemans wrote:
> I realize the developers of FFMPEG add functionality and features that are important to themselves-since they [you] are the ones doing the open source work.
> I am wondering if any of you are working on, or have any interest to work on adding RED Digital Cinema's R3D codec (redcode compression) to FFMPEG's libavcodec library.??
> This codec will be a major acquisition format once RED's Scarlet and Epic camera lines are released in 2009; although it is already gaining ground from the RED ONE camera. You're probably very familiar with this format already, and I'm probably belaboring the point by even asking if it's in the works on your end, especially since the RED R3D SDK has been out for months on red.com and is royalty free.
> If someone could merely email me back and let me know where FFMPEG sits with respect to this, I would be most appreciative.

I have never heard of this codec before. But no codec is too negligible 
for FFmpeg (type 'ffmpeg -formats' to corroborate this).

Can you direct us to samples?

Can you give a precise link to the SDK on their site? Does it have 
source or does it just specify how to link to their binaries? (Either 
one will provide valuable information.)


     -Mike Melanson

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