[FFmpeg-devel] FFMPeg feature requests (AVCHD demuxing, decoding and H.264 multithreading) and how to proceed with paying for development

Benjamin Larsson banan
Mon Jan 14 10:46:31 CET 2008

Robert Kr?ger wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a number of features which I would like to see completed in 
> FFMPeg and judging from the list archives
> - they do not have a high priority for the ffmpeg development community
> - it is not uncommon to pay for the development of features
> So, how do I go about this? Is there someone who is the project lead who 
> will negotiate this and the money (provided we agree on something) will 
> go to the project as a whole or will I have to find a single developer 
> who offers to complete the features? I really have no idea and would be 
> grateful for any advice.
> The features (I think most of them have been requested before)
> 1) AVCHD demuxing: I want to be able to demux an m2ts file (from a Sony 
> camcorder) into an MP4 container (no transcoding!) which currently fails 
> with
> error, non monotone timestamps 1>= 1
> av_interleaved_write_frame(): Error while opening file
> 2) AVCHD interlaced decoding: The Sony Camcorders I have to work with 
> produce 1080i material only. That's why I have no choice. I want to be 
> able to transcode with FFMeg. One answer on this list was that support 
> for this would be a boring task with low priority. Would anyone be 
> willing to put a pricetag on this? About how many days of work are we 
> talking? Some postings (codecs are not my area of expertise so I might 
> misjudge this) a few months ago indicated that it should be doable with 
> a reasonable amount of work (whateve that means).
> 3) H.264 multithreaded encoding: I'm not sure but this is currently not 
> supported, is it? What I need is to be able to use all the processor 
> power I have on multicore systems to accelerate the transcoding of a 
> single file, as I think the encoding is probably the bottleneck, and 
> what I'm looking for is fast transcoding times (possibly less than 
> realtime for transcoding 1080i material to say 480p).

FFmpeg uses x264 and http://www.videolan.org/developers/x264.html claims 
that it supports parallel encoding.

Benjamin Larsson

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