[FFmpeg-devel] Searching for a ffmpeg BCLO (bastard chief legal officer)

Chris Ribe chrisribe
Tue Mar 18 20:31:45 CET 2008

> No objections from me, on the contrary.
> There is one more thing you should point out, though: It needs to be
> clear which version of FFmpeg he is using and what changes he did make,
> if any.  This is the part that may be interesting to us, there is the
> chance that some of his changes could be useful.

Alright, I add the following and sent the letter:

The copyright notice dialog presented by your installer should also carry
> the copyright notices of the included software.  That is, where it now only
> states "VEMoDe - Video Encoder for Mobile Devices, by Pablo Fuentes.
> Copyright (c) 2008. All rights reserved."  you should add the line "FFmpeg
> version SVN-r8448, Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Fabrice Bellard, et al."  as this
> is the copyright notice displayed by the version of FFmpeg you are
> distributing.  Also, if you have made any changes to the FFmpeg source code,
> those should be noted and dated in the copyright section of the individual
> source files.


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