[FFmpeg-devel] GSoC with FFMpeg waht a combination!

Jason spot Brower encompass
Sat Mar 22 04:49:08 CET 2008

On Fri, Mar 21, 2008 at 10:49 PM, Mike Melanson <mike at multimedia.cx> wrote:
> Jason (spot) Brower wrote:
>  > My favorite converter is in Google summer of code!  Wootness!
>  > I am a python programmer interested in created the gui front end for
>  > ffmpeg.  I did a successful job last year making a gtk application and
>  > I think, with a little help, I could really make a special and unique
>  > gui for ffmpeg.  I personally haven't seen a frontend for FFMpeg at
>  > all before.  So I think I have my work cut out for me.
>  > Is there a mentor already assigned or willing to take control of this
>  > idea?  I would love to talk about some of the requirements for the
>  > applications and share my ideas.
>  > If your a mentor for the project, feel free to email me in list or
>  > person.  In fact, if you like, you can add me to your jabber account
>  > too. :D
>  > Excited to get rolling agian this year!
>  I have been monitoring the ensuing thread. As the FFmpeg GSoC admin, I
>  should mention that I don't find this to be an suitable project. Mostly,
>  I'm thinking in terms of qualification tasks. I see these other students
>  working hard on tight C programming; how could we let in a higher level
>  task like this?
>  I was also thinking of proposing a test engineering project (based on my
>  FATE work). But, again, that's a little too high level and I didn't want
>  to create multiple tiers of qualifications.
I understand now that we need C developers.  But why when we are
making a front end.  Additionally, people mock how slow these took
kits are but ignore all the accessability, usability, and
internationalization of the program.  WinAmp/xmms for example is not
used in most linux version now because they want better accessibility.
 visually impaired people  don't want that.  They want something that
will work for them.  And this requirement for C programming.  That's
just sad considering this is a front end that is not directly attached
to ffmpeg.  I am trying to build on top of ffmpeg not assimilate it.
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>         -Mike Melanson
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