[FFmpeg-devel] ffmpeg.org Website Suggestion

Peter B. pb at das-werkstatt.com
Thu Oct 6 12:26:22 CEST 2011

Víctor Paesa wrote:
> That page is to show *software* projects that are based on FFmpeg.
> Is nice to hear that FFmpeg happily processes so many videos, but
> plain usage of FFmpeg as a convertor does not qualify (for example,
> Youtube is well known to use FFmpeg, and is not listed there).
I must admit I thought that this page was to show how valuable FFmpeg
is, by showing (representative) use-cases?

Since Youtube heavily relies on being able to transcode videos, wouldn't
that qualify it as a project "based" on FFmpeg?

Just recently, I gave a talk at the EuropeanaTech conference [1], and
wanted to present examples where Free Software is used in "well known"
(and considered professional) projects. Youtube's use of FFmpeg would
have been great, but I couldn't find any reliable source proving it, so
I couldn't mention it :(

Since I am trying to promote the image and use of Free Software in the
domain of broadcasters and archives, I know that the the presence of
"representative names" in the project list on FFmpeg's website would
tremendously be helpful for that task!

For example:
I'm pretty sure that BBC is using FFmpeg (at least I think there's a
reason for some of their employees hanging around on these mailing lists
;)   ).

FFmpeg *is* a high-quality, professional tool! If users like e.g. BBC
would be mentioned somehow in the projects-page it'd definitely have a
positive impact on the *perceived* quality and professionalism of FFmpeg.

What about another section on the projects-page, labeled something like
"Projects or institutions relying on FFmpeg", or "Reference use-cases"?

What do you think?


== References:
[1] http://www.europeanaconnect.eu/europeanatech/

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