[FFmpeg-trac] #266(avcodec:new): ARM: "size of array is negative" in mpegvideo_arm.c

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Sun Jul 3 18:59:36 CEST 2011

#266: ARM: "size of array is negative" in mpegvideo_arm.c
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Comment (by adfernandes):

 Uhhhmm... I have '''no idea''' if the originally-reported problem is fixed
 or not. Whether you mark it as fixed or not in the tracker is your call.

 Personally, this should be a meta-bug saying "ffmpeg will not compile on

 I'm a little confused here as to whether this is an ffmpeg or libav
 problem. I know that there is some sort of politics going on here, but I
 have no idea what they are. I emailed Måns Rullgård since he committed all
 the ARM stuff, and he told me to submit a bug to libav since that was
 where "all the development was happening, anyway".

 So I submitted that bug, and it was subsequently frozen as they changed

 I love ffmpeg and think that it and its forks are frantastic, and I'm very
 grateful for the work that has gone into them. However, if the iphone is
 not a supported target, it is simply not supported. I will likely just rip
 out the parts of arm assembly that I need (appropriately licensed, of
 course) and leave it at that. (All I really need is the fft and rdft
 stuff, anyway).

 I wish I could do more, but I simply do not have the time.

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