[FFmpeg-trac] #2505(undetermined:new): ProRes encoding dupe frames at head and tail w/ bad tail sound

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#2505: ProRes encoding dupe frames at head and tail w/ bad tail sound
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Comment (by bgruen):

 I posted the Zeranoe information because I'm in the PC world and it seemed
 to have a little more info.  My apologies if it is not needed, I'm a bit
 new to this and thought the more info the better.

 I just checked and it is repeatable with the mpeg4 encoder, so it would
 seem to be a muxer problem.

 These are not variable frame rate files.  And yes, due to the extra 1st
 frame the audio is out of sync with the video by 1 frame. In Premiere I
 have to slide the video 1 frame backwards in relation to the audio to get
 it to line up (caused by the duped 1st frame).

 All the files on Arri's site show the issue, but the smallest on does not
 have sound. A001C008_120923_R33F.mov is a bit smaller at 370MB. I was also
 able to make a tiff sequence and get the same duped first frame, but the
 relationship to the audio is then lost.


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