[FFmpeg-user] Chunked request when using "-progress"

Вадим Лазовский vadim.lazovskiy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 19:46:16 CET 2012

> The information is real-time out of ffmpeg, it is your web server that
> makes
> it non-real-time.
Apache with mod_php5 do the same, at least, this does not work:


$fp = fopen ('php://input', 'r');

        $str = fgets($fp);
        error_log("Got: $str");


AFAIK, Apache is the most popular web-server, but still it's impossible to
Since "-progress" option is using HTTP as transport, it seems strange that
server implementation become so complicated.

> All this is possible, of course. Patches are welcome. I am not sure that
> reusing a connection using HTTP keep-alive would be easy, but that does not
> matter much.

HTTP/1.0 would be quite enougth. One connection per second is not a problem.
My C skills are not so good, so writting a patch by myself would be a last

Thank you.

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