[FFmpeg-user] mmsh streams and immense buffering

Patrick Cornwell patrick at cornwell.org
Wed May 23 20:02:49 CEST 2012

> gdb works fine on Windows (but it's quite useless if you don't compile
> an unstripped binary with debugging information).

Ok thanks for knowingly baffling me. I try to explain I'm a novice. I
understand - I guess you're trying to be helpful. I'm asking questions
within my scope of knowledge and you intentionally avoid helping
specifically what I ask, instead pointing out what is missing in my
responses, where clearly you're able to replicate my problem. Is this a
game? I'd be happy to pay but I thought that might be a faux pas in itself -
can't win.

Obviously I am not a developer, I have to outsource stuff. I understand
enough so that if a problem can be hacked around I can pass on the relevant
info to a developer. I appreciate you appear to want to help, but I guess
you'd rather make it intentionally more difficult for me.

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