[FFmpeg-user] Can I speed up transcoding?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Tue Jan 8 17:53:57 CET 2013

Am 08.01.2013 17:48, schrieb Leo Papadopoulos:
> Reindl:
>> get rid of FLV
> Thanks for the advice on getting rid of FLV. I would like nothing more than
> to get rid of FLV. However, for the moment I am forced to use FlashBuilder
> for my application because of its ability to support multiple platforms.
> Therefore, I am stuck with FLV

and what is the problem

FlashBuilder AKA Flex was also used to build our companies
videoplayer and has no single problem with H264 videos, as
also for mobile clients they only have to be constraint baseline
and not main profiler

i have not generated FLV since years for such porposes

> To make matters worse FlashBuilder does not support AAC so I have to use
> SPEEX. However, I am using H.264. The problem is that in order to convert
> SPEEX to AAC  as I convert from FLV to MP4 I have to decode/re-encode H.264
> in order to maintain lip sync.

in which context does FlashBuilder not support AAC?
a valid H264 file has AAC per definition

well, we are playing thousands of different H264/AAC files
with our swf-player built with FlashBuilder

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