[FFmpeg-user] Can I speed up transcoding?

Leo Papadopoulos leo at telecomcto.com
Tue Jan 8 17:57:32 CET 2013


A bit more info from Adobe's manuals:

"Currently Flash Player can encode audio using either the Nellymoser or
Speex codec. This allows you to stream H.264/AVC video with either
Nellymoser or Speex encoded audio to your server and thus web and desktop
application, as well as devices that can ingest RTMP streams or HTTP
Dynamic Streaming (HDS) and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)  content with the use
of the Adobe Media Server Live packaging capabilities. To note, at this
time Flash Player cannot encode audio to the AAC or MP3 standards, which
are required if you want to stream audio to iOS devices using HTTP Live
Streaming (HLS)."

The above lack of support for AAC is what got me in trouble in the first
place. I will try to see if I can save as MP4 with Speex and see if this
converts any faster when I convert to AAC.

Leo P.

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