[FFmpeg-user] backtrack parameters from existing file

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Fri Jan 11 09:30:26 CET 2013

Scott Goldman <scottg <at> emailhosting.com> writes:

> please check again. the file is 320+mg and is 1 
> minute in length.. the upload may not have finished.

Yes, for some reason I would have expected you to 
only point me to the upload after it has finished - 

I played the mxf file (that has ~390M / 60 seconds) with
MPlayer and ffplay and both play the file in-sync afaict.

I then tried the following two conversions:
$ ffmpeg -i 1_MIN_SD_QPP_3_6_REV18_P3.mxf -vcodec mpeg4 -qscale 2 -strict -2
-acodec aac out.mov
$ ffmpeg -i 1_MIN_SD_QPP_3_6_REV18_P3.mxf -vcodec mpeg4 -qscale 2 out.avi

Both output files play in-sync with MPlayer and ffplay.
Do I miss something?

Please fix your quoting, Carl Eugen

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