[FFmpeg-user] LGPL static builds

bhlowe bhlowe at gmail.com
Wed Jun 12 21:21:17 CEST 2013

Looking to pay someone to build two LGPL versions of FFmpeg for use in a
commercial product. I will be calling from a java application on Windows and
OS X. Deliverable should be two directories: ffmpeg_win and ffmpeg_mac with
all required libraries and binaries, plus any and all LGPL
documentation/source code that would need to be included. 

I am a java programmer and I have it working with one of the static builds
from the net.. but I want to do my best to use an LGPL static build and I
haven't found one online. I do not want to spend hours learning how to
configure, build, and test for all the platforms. 

I am mostly interested in using it for audio -> MP3 and probing for metadata
about audio and video files (height/width, genre, composer, etc.) 

Thanks in advance.
bhlowe (at gmail if you want to contact me.) 

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