[FFmpeg-user] Adding Subtitles Problem...

Mike Kavanagh mike.kavanagh at netpipe.biz
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Thanks for all your suggestions- I've been exploring them all but have still
not been able to successfully place/view subtitles in a video file.

My target player is an embedded jwplayer so this is what I'm testing it with
- even if I got it working with mplayer (which I'm working on) or ffplay it
is not the target player - I have to have a fairly universal solution.

Incidentally, the suggested ffplay command:

  ffplay bla.mp4 -vf subtitles=bla.mp4 

This failed as the subtitles option was not recognised.

The ideal solution is to have the subtitles 'burnt' onto the video rather
than relying on a package of files to view - such an option that jwplayer
provides which I'm looking at also as a contingency.

One question at this point - given that the codec mov_text doesn't work with
flv files is there a suitable one that does? If so I could use the

	ffmpeg -i soure.flv -i source.srt -scodec ???? -map 0 -map 1:0

The suggested mkv route looks hopeful - so long as I can create a single
video file with subtitles once the .mkv package has been created.

Here's what I've done so far and would welcome some further guidance:

1. I've created an mkv package:

	mkvmerge.exe -o source.mkv source.mp4 source.srt

2. Then I've tried to create a video file that includes the subtitles from
that using ffmpeg (without success) using:

	ffmpeg -i source.mkv -c:a aac -c:v libx264 -strict -2 -c:s mov_text

Thanks for your help.


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A simple solution could be.
Use MKVMerge (Gui) (http://www.videohelp.com/tools/MKVtoolnix) to create an
.mkv file without the embedded subtitle Than repeat your action with your
video in an mkv container. Or embed your subs in to the mkv in stead of the
current subtitle stream.
Hopefully this will do the job. Unfortunately not using ffmpeg tools.

> Your files are being identified correctly, incl. your manually crafted 
> SRT file, but ffmpeg sees subtitles in the MP4 input file and passes 
> them on to the output file, ignoring your SRT file. Looking at your  log:
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