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Wayne Poll WPoll at nhnz.tv
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I have tried using QT Pro to set all tracks (enabled) and while this works for other QT files, it doesn't seem to work with the files I'm creating with ffmpeg - after saving, closing and re-opening the QT files, the tracks are disabled again.  :-(

However, once the QT files are imported into an editing system, all eight tracks seem to be present and accounted for - but I'm still testing.

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I noticed this from Carl Eugen Hoyos in another thread ("Sony XAVC transcoding").

> (Note that you would have to add an option to make all tracks default 
> in any case, imo we should not change the current default case. The 
> option does not exist yet, mostly because I still don't understand the 
> use case completely.)

If I understand correctly, there is no option to enable (mark as "default") all audio tracks simultaneously. This can be done in QT Pro by clicking the "default" checkbox for every tracks.

The frequent use case in professional post-production for this is for delivering Prores Quicktimes with all existing audio tracks. These are never used directly for playback, but for re-encoding to DCP, DVD, Bluray, VOD, etc. with various tools.

The common case I encounter is to have a single language in the .mov, as 8 individual mono tracks of the final audio mixes: Lt, Rt for stereo, and L, R, C, Lfe, Ls, Rs for
5.1 (in that order).

A related question would be how to label these single mono tracks? I think ffmpeg does have the ability to label 1:0 as "Lt", 2:0 as "Rt", etc. but I'm not sure how this would be done, and I think the names ffmpeg uses are actually different.

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