[FFmpeg-user] Desktop catpture attempt failed

mark_a_lee-abeng at yahoo.ca mark_a_lee-abeng at yahoo.ca
Wed Jun 11 00:00:20 CEST 2014

Thanks Lou. Things are becoming clearer on both accounts. I set -s 598x336-r 25 -i :0.0+1,94 and got some sharp images but during playback the video started at a normal rate then sped up like it was being fast-forwarded. That's something else I'll have to sort out. I did not grasp from the documentation that -s was not the actual screen size but related to the capture area. I thought the 1280x800 (my screen resolution) was a frame of reference for locating what was being captured.

Re the original post, I was not aware of the need to start a thread with a fresh email. And after a bad bout of being hacked on yahoo, where I receive all mail, I had deleted all contacts and added no new ones (to avoid contacts being spammed) so I needed to manually enter the list's email address. Now I've made the ffmpeg list a contact, which makes it easier to get the address in a new email.


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