[FFmpeg-user] no such filter

lorenzo angeli lorenzo.angeli at efestolab.uk
Fri May 22 10:52:10 CEST 2015

Hi all, I'm trying to understand why this command doesn't work.
I think I'm guessing why (there are no filter set ), but I'm wondering
whether is correct that is failing. The streams in and out are (or at least
I think are) correctly defined.

This doesn't work:

-filter_complex "[0:v][clip];[1:v][slate];[slate][clip] concat=n=2:v=1,
scale=1920:1080, fps=25.0[v]"

This (of course) does:

concat=n=2:v=1, scale=1920:1080, fps=25.0[v]"

in the first case (the one which doesn't work), shouldn't be sort of
renaming the input ?

here the complete output with debug informations.

Hope it does make sense.

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