[FFmpeg-user] deep zoom-in

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sat Feb 6 09:52:24 CET 2016


> Something like this:
> zoompan=zoom='if(mod(in\,40)\,zoom\,0)+0.01':d=40:x='iw/2-(iw/zoom/2)':y='ih/2-(ih/zoom/2)'

thank you very much for this hint. The _in_ parameter does indeed work. 
With this parameter it's for example possible to make a slideshow and 
specify different durations for each image.

I'd like to make two suggestions for improvement:

1. Please add to the documentation that _in_ is 1 (not 0) for the first 

2. It would be nice to have an expression for a lookup table, for example

lookup(x, y0, y1, y2, ... , z)

    Evaluate x, and if the result is 0 return y0, if the result is 1
    return y1, and so on, else if the result is out of range return z.


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