[FFmpeg-user] Can't use some frei0r effects on Windows (through FFmpeg)

Bohdan Prokopovych bohdan.prokopovych at teamvoy.com
Tue Feb 9 16:06:44 CET 2016

Moritz Barsnick <barsnick <at> gmx.net> writes:

> It your cartoon.dll actually located at one of those five names
> locations?
> If not: Where does your FREI0R_PATH point to? Did you set it properly?
> Perhaps ffmpeg+Windows doesn't handle this path string too well:
> 'C:\Users\root\resources\frei0r/cartoon.dll'
> Though it should.
> Just guessing,
> Moritz
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Hi Moritz, thank you for answer.

My FREI0R_PATH points to C:\Users\root\resources\frei0r and yes, cartoon.dll
is really there. 
Also the problem is not in slashes in my path, because every other effects
(for example, 3dflippo or pixeliz0r) are located in the same folder and are
looked for by the same path (C:\Users\root\resources\frei0r/3dflippo.dll and
C:\Users\root\resources\frei0r/pixeliz0r.dll respectively).

I haven't tested all frei0r effects, but I've tested many of them, and they
working ok in my case. All effects except Cartoon and Edgeglow. I tried
everything and have no idea what's the matter.

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