[FFmpeg-user] Remux TS to MPG: spedify stream order

Carl Eugen Hoyos cehoyos at ag.or.at
Mon Feb 29 02:45:55 CET 2016

Dmpfbck <xbtw0hx96ql8t8aj_ffmpeg <at> freenet.de> writes:

> Am 28.02.2016 um 23:44 schrieb Carl Eugen Hoyos:
> > Dmpfbck writes:
> >
> >> Posting the whole output is confusing
> >
> > I disagree:
> Longer posts are normally not read because people have 
> no time.

Of course!

But you misunderstand:
On this mailing list, whenever you ask for help, you have 
to provide both your command line and your console output 
if you want people to answer.
Your question is a good example to explain why:
If you had provided your console output originally, 
neither Moritz not myself would have given useless 
answers (after spending time on your question) because 
the answer is part of the console output:

> >> ac3 in MPEG-1 system streams is not widely supported, 
> >> consider using the vob or the dvd muxer to force a 
> >> MPEG-2 program stream.

(Did your read and test this?)

> What did you expect with the given command line?

It doesn't matter what I "expect", I cannot remember 
every possible issue with the usage of FFmpeg, that's 
why I added above warning.

> I said there is an AC3 track contained.

Yes, but this is not the relevant issue: Several 
codecs will trigger the message above (because they 
are not well supported in MPEG-1 system streams).

> Which muxer is it? I didn't find it.

$ ffmpeg -formats
lists both the vob and the dvd muxer.
Use one of them.

> In the past years, the most reliable solution was 
> demuxing by ProjectX and muxing with the 
> ImagoMPEG-Muxer.

This should not be necessary: Contrary to the ts muxer, 
the mpegps muxers are supposed to work fine.

> I need an .mpg file in the end.

You can give your output file any name you want;-)

Carl Eugen

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