[FFmpeg-user] Optimizing ProRes speed on a MacPro Trashcan

Dan Elortegui dan at elortegui.com
Thu Jan 12 20:25:34 EET 2017

I've written an applescript to take media files off of XDCam cards, rename
them, process them as ProRes and then send them off to our media management
system.  The problem is that there is a step where I have to drop them in a
ProRes watchfolder for them to be processed by Adobe Media Encoder.  This
requires setting up watchfolder settings on each computer.  I'd love to
handle that encode inside my script via FFmpeg.  The issue I've run into is
that Media encoder is almost twice as fast as FFmpeg when creating a
ProRes.  So I'm wondering, are there any ways to speed up the ProRes encode
with flags?  Does quicksync work for ProRes?  I've got AMD FirePro D500
cards.  Any thoughts are appreciated!

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