[FFmpeg-user] Upskill to FFmpeg the TimeStamp Correction

ilker tezcan ilkertezcan at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 15:33:33 EET 2017

I am writing all the developers, in particular to Michael Niedermayer.

Hang on to your hat: Without use FFmpeg + Meteorite,
MEncoder is able to corrects the timestamp as single-handed!

MEncoder ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes.mkv -ni -nosub -ovc copy -oac 
copy -fafmttag 0x706D -of lavf -lavfopts format=mkv -o 

The output file's timestamp: 01:40

Really, it's unbelievable. Is this a bug or a inability that FFmpeg 
cannot do even if MEncoder can do?


Even If I tried remuxing seperately, only audio and only video:

ffmpeg -i ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes.mkv -vn -c:a copy -sn 

ffmpeg-3.1.5 -i ElephantsDream_only_a_few_scenes.mkv -an -c:v copy -sn 

Unfortunately, FFmpeg can't correct timestamps even if both. I spent 
months for trying unrelated and related all command-line switches of 
FFmpeg. It neither the video track nor the audio track can correct the 
timestamp. The timestamps still remains with original video: 10:48


I wish, I were an expert programmer like all you, Maybe I could solve 
this problem. :(

Warm regards...

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