[FFmpeg-user] H.264 with pcm_mulaw audio live RTSP streaming

George Andguladze gandguladze at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 18 13:36:38 EET 2018

> The timestamps are just increasing too fast. This is reproducible with old versions of FFmpeg (back to 0.9) and I cannot play the stream at all with vlc. In addition, we have a file output from another Hikvision server here > that has broken timestamps so I am tending to a server issue.

That was also posted by me - same model Hikvision NVR except back then I was retrieving MPEG-TS stream using inner Hikvision API.

> As a work-around, you can record the stream with something else than ogg (for example avi) and then re-encode that file, the result should contain sane timestamps.
> If you use the option "-rtsp_transport tcp" you should not see the errors that are in your console output, "-qscale 2" ensures maximum quality, you can reduce the bitrate when encoding to ogg.

Tried it and while it does normalize the video duration and makes audio constantly heard, the audio does not match the video's time - I can see people talking on the video but there is only silent noise (same noise when the room is empty) output from the audio.  Here is a sample converted to .avi container and then encoded to Thora:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/971plokoty9nc9r/out.ogg?dl=0

George A.

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