[FFmpeg-user] Size of the file getting changed after mirror effect in video using ffmpeg

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Sun Jun 10 19:31:23 EEST 2018

On 6/10/2018 9:20 AM, mahek delawala wrote:
> I am using the below ffmpeg command to obtain the mirror effect in video
> track. 

> I am using below ffmpeg command for getting  mirror effect in recorded
> video track.
> *ffmpeg -i track1.mp4 -map 0:0 -vf "hflip" flipped_track1.mp4*

You -really- need to include the complete output of the ffmpeg command for 
something like this.

> Size of track1.mp4 : 307 MB
> Size of flipped_track1.mp4 : 61 MB

It's entirely possible that the default encoder settings are massively 
different than the original, or that some other streams were removed, but 
without knowing the info about the original, it's all guesswork.


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