[FFmpeg-user] Public FFmpeg Docker images built with GitHub Actions

andrei ka andrei.k.gml at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 05:01:32 EET 2020

a bit crazy stuff all these pythons :-P guess it must be useful for
something for some...
jrottenberg's docker is much simpler and pretty universal... and w/o cuda
makes <90mb... his dockerfile
is very easy do mod, i made my custom docker img based on his one with all
the latest libs + latest
cuda + vmaf + extra usefull  bins and a few custom shells in my image
(tsduck etc) in 10 mins... for some
running ffmpeg in dockers are a must today, e.g. we use ansible to generate
a whole live transcoding conf of +100
channels running on multicast/srt/http sources on +50 nodes, 4 unified
origins etc and w/o dockers it'd be a huge
mess to manage network confs and restarts of failing channels.  perfs are
the same in docker, it's a mere env
isolation technique using kernel namespaces per se


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