[FFmpeg-user] List server 'myposts on' fails to echo my own posts

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Mon Feb 24 06:47:02 EET 2020

On 2/23/2020 7:29 PM, Mark Filipak wrote:
> There are 3 reasons why that can't be correct and that the problem is with 
> the ffmpeg-user list server (probably configuration):

> 1, Other lists that use mailman work as intended (i.e., I get my own posts 
> echoed back to me, for example: support-thunderbird & support-firefox),

What's different about them and their content handling? Are they MM2 or MM3? 
(And are the message IDs the same on sent and received messages? Has the 
body been munged in any way?)

> 2, When I log into my markfilipak.windows Google Account, echoed messages 
> from ffmpeg-user are NOT FOUND in the trash, and

They don't get "trashed", they never make it as far as your folders. Did you 
read the page I linked? Among other things- "It appears that any message you 
receive with a Message-ID: matching one already in your gmail folders will 
be discarded as a duplicate."

> 3, I use Google Mail for POP, only, NOT for SMTP, so Google has no way to 
> know (or track) my role in ffmpeg-user.

Just like ffmpeg, giving better info gets better answers. So how -do- you 
send messages if not via SMTP to google? Using what userID?

I don't run ffmpeg's mailing lists (and can't directly fix this issue), but 
have been running mailman lists for 15+ years. Delivery to guugle has been a 
constant problem; and the usual answer from the mailman developers is that 
it's a happy accident when you do see your own messages to the list.


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