[FFmpeg-user] I want to use FFmpeg in commercial product. Who do I need to contact?

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 17:40:02 EET 2020


> You are only allowed to distribute binaries based on FFmpeg source
> code if you follow the requirements of the GPL or the LGPL depending
> on compile time options.
> Since you are using the word "use" three times in your question:
> Usage of FFmpeg is not restricted as long as you agree with the
> no-warranty clause of the (L)GPL.

I’m just curious, but if this kind of question was posed to a less-than-scrupulous party, and they sell the querier a compatible binary and source with the GPL license, is there any way to be recompensed if he/she finds out it could have been obtained for free later on?

Ted Park

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