[FFmpeg-user] How To Fix No Sound on Ubuntu in Hyper-V

Anatoly anatoly at kazanfieldhockey.ru
Wed Aug 30 01:16:56 EEST 2023

On Tue, 29 Aug 2023 16:05:58 +0200
<aperry at free.fr> wrote:

>    b) May use sockstat.exe to check for listening socket.  ==>
> sockstat.dll in not installed on my Windows machine, and as a
> miserable earthworm, I've not the skill to install it.
>         I used "netstat" : many lines with my IP address but none
> with port 18181 
Oops, I've messed things up, sorry for that, sockstat is *BSD OSes tool.
On Windows
netstat -a -n -b
should do.

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