[FFserver-user] live video streaming to many users ?

informatique lycee Pays-de-Retz adminrezo.0441992b at ac-nantes.fr
Thu Mar 8 11:20:34 CET 2012


I am looking for a technical solution to make live video-streaming to
many users (almost) simultaneously

Because of the risk of traffic-jam on the connexion-link of the server,
my idea so solve this risk is to create a cascaded architecture :

- 1  video-station is sending  initial stream to 1 top-level-server
- 10-30  2nd-level servers get the stream from the top-level server :
act as relay-server
- 20-50  3rd-level servers receive the stream from every second-level
server  (this makes 30 x 50  = 1500 servers) : act as relay-server
- customers are on the 4rth level : about 100 customers per 3rd-level server

second-level and third-level servers are on ADSL connexions

so I have 3 questions :
1) level 1 :  do ffmpeg and ffserver necessary have to be on the same
computer ? or is it possible to put a network-link between those 2
applications ?

2) level 2 and 3 : is it possible to build this cascade architecture
with ffmpeg and ffserver ? that means create relay-servers based on
ffmpeg and ffserver ?

3) what is the best and reliable encoding for this (video 352x288
10-15fps +   audio 10 kHz) ?

Thanks for any technical help

Xavier COUDIN - coordinateur informatique
Lycée Pays-de-Retz, 44210 Pornic, gsm 06 80 28 40 53

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