[Libav-user] Video Quality Analyzer - implement which features?

Wesley S. wesley at ubuntu.com
Wed May 23 13:28:51 CEST 2012


I am a software developer currently working on a (cross-platform) Video
Quality Analyzer application
for a project at university. It will most likely be released as open source
software when it is finished.

I am posting to this list to ask the video encoding/quality experts what is
in comparing video quality according to them.

A few important design choices I have made:
- libav is used to open video files in order to support many video formats
out of the box
(and to support extraction of information from decoder, for example motion
- image processing plug-ins and tools are extensible through scripting and
dynamically linked plug-ins

So, most important question:
What plug-ins would be essential in this kind of application for you?

Also, if you would be interested in more information or if you would like
to try writing
your own script or plug-in for this application, you can contact me by

Kind regards,
Wesley S.

PS: here's a little preview screenshot of the current user interface:
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