[Libav-user] Problems decoding mp3 files

b.mcdonagh at sky.com b.mcdonagh at sky.com
Mon Apr 28 15:22:16 CEST 2014

Dear Carl

 >You mean nothing happened?
Yes, nothing changed.

 >This is probably good for debugging but didn't you 
 say before that you don't know how to debug?

I added the debug arguments the other day out of desperation in the hope that I might get more info in the log when running my app on the device but it doesn't give any extra errors/messages. I don't know how to debug other than adding a breakpoint in my app in the ide and choosing debug but im currently reading up on gdp in case that can help me.

 >Is this a good idea?
 > --enable-extra-warnings 

Again, adding this didn't help (but didnt break anything either) but added it hoping for something helpful to then go to google with.
> Why?
 > --enable-cross-compile 
 > --cross-prefix=arm-unknown-nto-qnx8.0.0eabi- 
 > --arch=armv7 target-os=qnx 
 > --disable-asm

I have disable-asm as an argument as I seen it somewhere else. the enable cross compile, arch and cross-prefix seemed absolutely necessary when i spent a few days trying to build the libraries to run for my qnx device.
 > --enable-memalign-hack

This mem-align hack seemed like it was important when reading the Blackberry native forums to come up with a configure line that worked for me. I'm sure I even seen Blackberry staff moderator using it in a tutorial on how to build ffmpeg for Blackberry 10 (my qnx platform i building for).
I will read more into fate and see if i can do anymore myself by way of debugger and fate.

Can you answer me this question please Carl - Should it be possible with the right amount of knowledge for me to debug my project containing the libraries so I can see why avformat_find_stream_info crashes (for example adding a breakpoint within avformat_find_stream_info itself). I just cant see a way of adding a breakpoint say at avformat_find_stream_info as I would in my own code. The only files accessible are the header files of libav via my ide.



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