[Libav-user] Problems decoding mp3 files

b.mcdonagh at sky.com b.mcdonagh at sky.com
Wed Apr 30 13:28:29 CEST 2014

>What happens if you do:
>$ ssh
>And then there:
>$ gdb

I can login via devuser at by providing an ssh key and then i type gdb get the version (7.6.1) amongst other info/messages  I am then in a (gdb) kind of input where it seems it's expecting gdb commands but I don't know any other than bt at that just reports no stack. I am assuming if I start my app manually on my device the gdb bt won't show anything as it's not attached to the process.

I did get somewhere before your email with..

blackberry-deploy -installApp -launchApp -debugNative -device -password 1234 EnhancedVideo.bar | grep result:: | sed 's/result:://' > pid
blackberry-connect -password 1234 -sshPublicKey "C:\Users\chris2\AppData\Local\Research In Motion\bbt_id_rsa.pub" > /dev/null &
echo target qnx > gdbrun
echo file app/native/EnhancedVideo
printf "attach " >> gdbrun
cat pid >> gdbrun
ntoarm-gdb -command=gdbrun

and then I think I attached to some process as it shows message - no executable file now and on another line 0x01ad46bc in ?? (), I have to type attach <pid from the pid file> myself (as i think cat pid >> gdbrun was adding the success string as well as the pid). I then have to type continue to make it do anything else and it showed a list of quite a few messages like [new pid 219599082 tid 2] but the command line wouldn't let me type anything after that until i ctrl + c;

>You can test your software on any Linux host 
> to find the bug that I suspect (or make sure 
> that there is none).

I wouldn't know how to test on any other linux host, I'm so much out of my comfort zone right now using the command line. Only ever used netbeans and momentics up until now for Blackberry coding as a hobby.

 >The important part (imo) is that you find 
 >out if Blackberry compilation of FFmpeg works 
 >at all or not

I can assure you the latest snapshot works fine for me apart from this problem with mp3s - avformat_find_stream_info and av_read_read_frame. My other way of doing this proves to me it works fine, I am opening mp4 files and reading the frames which are then encoded to another mp4 video ok. I am able to do the same with audio. I have tried wma files weeks ago now and they all got past the problematic functions i refer to.


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