[Libav-user] Decoding AVFrame datastructure

Peter Stevens pstevens at evertz.com
Thu Feb 27 16:23:29 CET 2014

Hello, I'm new to video/ffmpeg and new to using it for development. 


I'm working on a project where I need to decode MOV files (which are
encoded with pixel format yuv422p10le) 

and save the resulting output to disk in a raw yuv format. I would use
the ffmpeg command line however, this 

is not an option for the project I am working on.


So far I have been able to read and decode an input file and save at
least partially the decoded output using the 

below example (which is for yuv420p, which not the format I really




I guess my question is how can I modify the below example to work with
yuv422p10le and not yuv420p. My

confusion lies in how to differently interpret the AVFrame data


Also, a 2nd question, what format does ffmpeg decode to internally? I
have read that it is yuv420p. Is this

Always the case do all codes by default decode their output to yuv420p;
which would imply that the 

developer must then call sws_scale to convert the image to the desired





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